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Deux-Montagnes line closed since January 1, 2021.

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In brief

Inaugurated in 1918, the Deux-Montagnes line was completely renovated from 1992 to 1995. It is the only line in the region and the first in Canada to use electric cars, powered via a 25 kV catenary. It passes through the Mont-Royal tunnel on the way to Central Station, in downtown Montréal.

Originally created to service the new Town of Mount Royal suburb and freight trains from the Lower Laurentians, it has progressively served commuters from north-west Montréal. The RTM has operated the Deux-Montagnes line since 1996.

Years in operation


1918 to present




Rolling stock (RTM property)


Line length

29.9 km




Park-and-ride facilities


Daily departures

49 (average)

Weekend service


Terminating station

Central Station

Connection with the metro


Bonaventure station, via Central station

Average daily ridership (2016)


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Deux-Montagnes line itineraries

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